BitMask Wallet 0.7.0 Soars: A Quantum Leap in Bitcoin Evolution Surges Over 760,000 Wallets in Just One Month

SAN FRANCISCO, November 23, 2023 (ACN Newswire via – DIBA Global, backed by industry titans including Draper Associates, ACTAI Ventures, Waterdrip Capital, Martial Eagle Fund, Brad Mills, Rodney Yesep, and others, has sent shockwaves through the Bitcoin industry with the beta release of BitMask Wallet 0.7.0. This marks a historic moment as the user base surpasses 763,623 wallets. This milestone, achieved without any advertising, underscores the community’s trust in DIBA’s commitment to advancing Bitcoin utility.

Worthy of note is the official partnership between DIBA GLOBAL and Satoshi Lab to foster the development and advancement of Bitcoin technology and, as a result, build a better world for all.

Unveiling the Future: BitMask Wallet 0.7.0

BitMask Wallet 0.7.0 is not merely an update; it’s a quantum leap in the evolution of Bitcoin wallets. As one of the pioneers offering first-class support for RGB, the release signals DIBA’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of what’s achievable on the Bitcoin network. The beta version, accessible at, is a glimpse into the upcoming launch of a groundbreaking marketplace for Unique Digital Assets, poised to reshape the digital economy.

BitMask Wallet 0.7.0 is a game-changing release that sets new standards for Bitcoin wallets. With BitMask Core, written in Rust, compiled to WebAssembly, and provides TypeScript bindings, it reflects DIBA’s commitment to technical excellence and delivery capabilities. Visit for more information.

Community-Powered Growth: Unleashing Potential

The success story behind BitMask Wallet’s growth is awe-inspiring. No advertising, just relentless innovation. More than 763,623 wallets have been generated by users, with over 201,221 on Bitcoin mainnet, and the remainder spread over testnet, Mutinynet signet, and regtest. Not every user has wallets on every network and many will have used multiple networks. Regtest is primarily used by developers, which suggests significant adoption of BitMask amongst the RGB developer community. The numbers speak volumes about the community’s belief in DIBA’s vision and the utility offered by BitMask Wallet.

The team expresses their sincerest gratitude to BitMask community member and researcher @DaPangDunCrypto, who generously shared news of our innovation and communicated details about RGB smart contracts on Bitcoin with the Chinese community.

Technical Marvel: Metrics and Security

The technical prowess behind these metrics is equally impressive. Utilizing Carbonado, an encoding format developed by DIBA, RGB contract data is securely kept in decentralized storage. End-to-end encryption, powered by a wallet-derived key, ensures utmost security. Data is stored on servers operated by Hut8, with plans to expand storage partnerships, reflecting DIBA’s commitment to robust decentralized infrastructure.

Revolutionary Features of BitMask Wallet 0.7.0

The 0.7.0 release introduces a host of features, including:
Password Sync in Extension: Enhancing user experience by minimizing password prompts.
– Transfer Batching: Optimizing RGB transfers with fee adjustments for consecutive transactions. This will result in a dramatic reduction in fees for our users.
– Contract Management: Users can now hide unwanted contracts and republish existing contracts to the BitMask Asset Registry.
– User Experience Enhancements: Numerous improvements and bug fixes for a seamless experience.

Future of Bitcoin: A Bold Step Forward

BitMask Wallet 0.7.0 is not just a wallet; it’s a statement. A statement that DIBA is committed to pushing the envelope, introducing features that redefine user experience, and laying the groundwork for the future of Bitcoin. We are still very early.

Join the Revolution: #GOATs Incoming

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