Revolutionizing Press Release Creation and Global Distribution, AsiaPresswire Rolls out AI Solution GPT-PRHelper

Hong Kong – Nov 20, 2023 – (SeaPRwire) – AsiaPresswire, a leading press release distribution platform in Asia, has launched a groundbreaking AI solution called GPT-PRHelper to revolutionize and automate press release creation and amplification globally.

GPT-PRHelper is an all-in-one AI writing assistant specialized for composing, translating and proofreading press releases. The advanced natural language generation technology allows users to simply input a title and keywords to automatically generate high-quality press release drafts that meet media standards.

“GPT-PRHelper represents a giant leap forward in press release writing and distribution,” said Bruce Wong, CTO of AsiaPresswire. “With its advanced AI capability, GPT-PRHelper can draft and translate press releases into 21 languages in seconds. This enables PR professionals to achieve much higher productivity and get their news out globally at unprecedented speed.”

According to Wong, it previously took skilled writers hours to produce a well-written press release from scratch and translate it into multiple languages. GPT-PRHelper automates these tedious and time-consuming tasks to help users create quality releases in a fraction of time.

The AI assistant can refine the language, style and formatting of the drafts on request to ensure they meet the expectations of media editors and journalists worldwide. Users can easily make revisions, check for typos, enhance readability and ensure consistency.  

“Our goal with GPT-PRHelper is to make press release writing as simple and efficient as possible,” said Wong. “Users can rely on the AI’s exceptional writing capability so they can focus on news distribution and PR strategy rather than drafting.”

Wong explained that the natural language processing technology built into GPT-PRHelper has been trained on millions of high-quality press releases over 10 months by AsiaPresswire’s team of IT experts and news editors. This allows the AI to generate human-like drafts that grab attention and inspire engagement.

According to Wong, GPT-PRHelper provides unparalleled flexibility to customize press releases for diverse needs. Users can produce releases tailored for different geographic markets, industries, topics and styles. The AI handles the heavy lifting while users oversee the strategy.

“With GPT-PRHelper, our clients can amplify the reach of their news exponentially by publishing high-quality, localized press releases in 21 languages simultaneously,” said Wong. “The translation ability is a total game-changer in PR distribution.”

Wong believes that by automating press release drafting and translation, GPT-PRHelper will significantly enhance PR productivity and allow wider and faster distribution of news globally.

“We are tremendously excited to bring this cutting-edge innovation to the PR world,” said Wong. “GPT-PRHelper will empower our users to maximize the impact of their stories and capture global media attention as never before.”

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