BlockApps Launches Mercata Marketplace to Pioneer Access to Real-world Assets on Web3

New York, NY – Nov 30, 2023 – (SeaPRwire) – Today, BlockApps is proud to announce the Launch of Mercata Marketplace, which will pioneer access to real-world assets on-chain. The emergence of blockchain technology is changing the way we perceive ownership, trading, and access to assets, both physical and digital. BlockAppsMercata Marketplace is a prime example.

Mercata Marketplace is on a mission to democratize broader entry into buying real-world assets on the blockchain, bolstering market efficiency. To achieve these objectives, it offers a curated selection of assets – from carbon offsets to base and precious metals, to art, sneakers, and other collectibles.

Expanding Access to Carbon Offsets

One notable offering on Mercata Marketplace is its carbon offset program, spotlighting democratization for environmental responsibility in action. Typically, the realm of carbon offsets has been dominated by large corporations, but Mercata Marketplace is changing that narrative. By opening up these opportunities to smaller businesses and individuals, the platform ensures that everyone has the power to make a tangible impact.

Further revolutionizing this field, Mercata Marketplace introduces the concept of ‘Mercata Carbon Blended Tonnes’ – a novel approach that amalgamates carbon credits from diverse projects and sources. This blend, encompassing various sectors and regions, forms a singular, dynamic portfolio of carbon credits. This strategy not only enhances flexibility but also amplifies the effectiveness of efforts toward achieving carbon neutrality and broader sustainability goals.

It’s not just a good thing to do; it’s the right thing to do. The platform encourages choosing action over despair, allowing people to offset emissions effectively. By intertwining the transformative power of blockchain technology with a deep-seated commitment to ecological responsibility, Mercata Marketplace is engaging and mobilizing individuals and businesses in significant emission-offsetting endeavors, complementing their reduction efforts.

Unlocking New Avenues for Nickel Investments

Additionally, Mercata Marketplace enables the opportunity to invest in nickel directly. Typically, nickel is only purchasable in large quantities and, thus, requires hefty investments. Not anymore. By fractionalizing quantities of nickel, Mercata Marketplace opens a novel path for alternative investments, giving everyday investors the opportunity to diversify their holdings.

Nickel’s investment potential is not to be overlooked. Here are numerous factors that make Mercata Marketplace’s nickel initiative a compelling choice for investors:

  • Robust performance: Over the past six years, nickel surpassed the S&P 500 with a yearly average increase of 10.3% in contrast to the S&P 500’s 8.9%.
  • Limited correlation: Nickel’s self-sufficiency from the broader stock market protects portfolios during bear markets and other troublesome times.
  • Increasing demand: The growing demand for batteries – driven by energy storage solutions and electric vehicles – positions nickel for sustained expansion.
  • Price volatility: Nickel prices often experience rapid spikes owing to global conflicts, offering fast returns as a consequence.
  • Limited investment avenues: There are currently scarce financial instruments in place for smaller investors to speculate on nickel. Mercata Marketplace bridges this gap, making it widely accessible to everyone.

Further putting the advantages of nickel into perspective, it’s worth noting that the nickel declined by just 9% during the COVID-19 era, while the S&P experienced more substantial losses during that period.

Additionally, in terms of growing demand, nickel notably powers lithium-based batteries for big brands like Panasonic, Tesla and LG Chem, underscoring nickel’s significance as a highly sought-after, economically coveted material.

In 2022, this valuable material also soared from $19,600 – $100,000 per ton within just three months following supply speculation and disruptions.

Collectibles with Provenance and Transparency

On top of offering carbon offsets and nickel, Mercata Marketplace extends its advantages into the collectible landscape, offering tangible assets through a digital tokenized counterpart, including art, sneakers, clothing, cards, figurines, and more. Each physical collectible has a corresponding NFT, ensuring a tamper-proof, permanent record of ownership.

Furthermore, Mercata Marketplace offers users the option to purchase these collectibles and store them in the owner’s stead, eliminating the need for real-world shipping between creators and collectors if so desired. Not only does this simplify ownership, but it bolsters the overall collecting experience by providing the option to reduce overhead fees.

The Future of Asset Trading

With BlockApps having a reliable history dating back to 2015, Mercata Marketplace is on the rise as a trustworthy, consumer-friendly platform that delivers a new era of efficient and easily accessible asset trading to a broad audience.

Whether you are interested in carbon offsets, nickel, or collectibles, this innovative Web3 marketplace offers a distinct range of real-world assets through the power of blockchain technology.

Visit Mercata Marketplace to explore exciting investment opportunities:

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