AsiaPresswire Bets on AI to Transform PR Distribution Workflows for Singapore’s Booming Crypto and DeFi Sector

SINGAPORE – Nov 30, 2023 – (SeaPRwire) – AsiaPresswire has introduced its revolutionary AI writing assistant GPT-PRHelper in Singapore, bringing advanced automation to press release writing and distribution for the city-state’s cryptocurrency and decentralized finance (DeFi) industry.  

At an event announcing GPT-PRHelper’s Singapore launch, AsiaPresswire CTO Bruce Wong explained how the AI solution will significantly enhance productivity and earned media potential for the country’s cryptocurrency and blockchain companies.

“With rapid growth in crypto adoption and blockchain innovation, Singapore has become a hub for Web3 startups and established players,” said Wong. “GPT-PRHelper provides the speed, quality and multi-language capabilities these firms need to effectively communicate their messages globally.” According to Wong, GPT-PRHelper’s natural language generation technology allows users to instantly produce press release drafts in English, Chinese and other major languages by inputting just a headline and keywords. The AI then refines the text to high media standards.

“GPT-PRHelper automates the most labor-intensive part of public relations, freeing up time for strategic planning,” explained Wong. “Now crypto projects can easily generate polished press releases tailored for global distribution and stay focused on their core business.”

GPT-PRHelper’s automated multilingual output particularly suits the global nature of most crypto and DeFi companies. “Reaching international audiences is critical in this industry,” he noted. “Our AI assistant enables Singapore’s crypto firms and blockchain projects to syndicate news simultaneously in 21 languages, capturing worldwide attention.”

The natural language generation capability built into GPT-PRHelper has been trained extensively to produce human-like content in a news release format. “We optimized the model on millions of high-performing press releases to ensure professional quality,” said Wong. “The AI delivers stylistically and grammatically sound drafts that effectively communicate clients’ messages.”

GPT-PRHelper learns continuously to improve its skills. “The more our clients use the AI, the better it becomes at capturing their brand voice and style,” he said. “Users have full control to review and refine the output until it meets their standards.”

Early feedback from crypto and DeFi companies testing GPT-PRHelper has been overwhelmingly positive. “Clients are amazed by the time savings and the ability to scale their communications for global impact,” said Wong. “They can now allocate budgets towards PR strategy rather than content production.”

Wong believes that by streamlining press release writing for Singapore’s crypto industry, GPT-PRHelper will enable smaller firms to punch above their weight.

“This equalizes access to earned media, allowing startups and niche players to gain visibility alongside major industry names,” he said. “We’re excited to see how our AI assistant will shape Singapore’s Web3 public relations landscape.”

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